President of the Republic

Chief Dr Joseph DION NGUTE

P.M. Head of Government

Dr Malachie MANAOUDA

Minister of Public Health

Président de l'ONMC

Dr Guy Sandjon

President of the Cameroon Medical Council

The Cameroon Medical Council (CMC) is the Institution in charge of regulating the medical profession in Cameroon.

It ensures the respect and strict application of the code of ethics and medical ethics (Hippocratic Oath, doctors conditions, patients' conditions, the usage and technical means required to practise their art, the respect of administrative laws related to the medical profession)

As an institution under the administrative authority of the Ministry of Public Health, the CMC has jurisdictional and regulatory power over the practice of the medical profession.

Our Mission

Cameroon Medical Council (CMC)

CMC, the Doctor's House

Created in 1957 1957the Cameroon Medical Council has undergone profound changes.
Today, it is the real Government interlocutor on issues of the medical profession in Cameroon.
Since its creation, the two (2) first Presidents have marked the CMC history:
- Professor René ESSOMBA

- Doctor Daniel MUNA
Since March 2010, Dr Guy SANDJON is the new CMC President.



Our Missions

- Administrative mission
– Mission d’encadrement
- Supervisory Mission
- Jurisdictional Mission
– Mission consultative

- Public Health Mission
- General Assembly
- Consultancies
- Disciplinary Chamber
– Chambre d’appel

How to pay your Contributions?

1. 1. Via BANK Transfer: BICEC
CMC Account Number 10001-06800-68618100001-87
2. 2. Via Orange Money: Dial #150*47# then enter the code 382373
3 3. Via MTN Mobile Money: 683 953 161

N.B.: for Orange and MTN payments, kindly pay with your number and send a screenshot via WhatsApp +237683953161 +237683953161

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